We have something new to offer this year at Darby Creek Fields and flowers! Please welcome our new flowers of tropical Canna Lilies, a large colorful low maintenance flower used as some of the best decorations in your garden during the summer months. Canna Lilies can grow upwards of six feet with beautiful green, dark green, and bronze foliage with bright eccentric flowers. Perfect for the backdrop or in front display, we are offering 7 different varieties of beautiful Canna Lilies.

For front-row action of your Canna Lilies, you can choose from the small crimson self-cleaning Red Futurity, the bright tangerine orange Tangelo Canna Lily, or maybe a soft yellow to mellow it all out with a Yellow Futurity. Red Futurity, Tangelo, and Yellow Futurity all are smaller but pack a big punch!

If you need some larger but not too tall Canna Lilies, Golden Lucifer, Yellow King Humbert, and Cleopatra all are medium varieties. Golden Lucifer is a bright yellow plant with mild red speckles down the petals. Yellow King Humbert is a buttery yellow Canna with orange splashes down the middle. Cleopatra Canna Lilly is a magical Red and yellow flower with sometimes green and sometimes bright bronze foliage. Cleopatra is very beautiful because the bloom is the same ratio of yellow so unique!

The final beautiful Canna Lily we will be selling this year is the Musifolia. Now this Lily is a giant, it can grow 6 feet tall or more! Musifolia is beautiful, with bronze foliage reaching up to the sun. A perfect backdrop for the early part of the summer, the later part will have pretty red blooms that are great for attracting and feeding hummingbirds!

Please keep in mind here in Ohio Canna lilies don’t much like the cold so we suggest keeping them in pots to bring them in a warmer place for the winter or digging them up to keep them for the following year.  Canna Lilies love the sun and lots of water. In fact, you can even keep these lilies in pots with just water! Sometimes they are great in the rims of ponds to help wildlife thrive for shelter and food.

Author~ Michaela  Kopczewski