Group Visits

 Reese Moehl – 12/15/2023

 Are you the designated planer for your group’s next adventure? Darby Creek Fields and Flowers is a great outdoor location that promises a blooming good time for groups of all sizes. Planning a group outing with us allows you to experience 55,000  beautiful blooms of daylilies and a large bed full of vibrant hostas.

Ample Meeting Space for your group

Does your organization need meeting space? At the farm we have never-ending space for that!  With three options for your group!  Your group is welcome to gather under our largest walnut tree in the hosta garden.  Your group can enjoy a more formal setting of a beautiful white tent with views of fields of flowers.   The third option is to enjoy the functional barn space for indoor meetings.  


We set up custom packages based on what your group needs and experience desires are! Relax and enjoy the beauty in nature with us! 

Contact us we will help you find that perfect combination.  


Worried about location?  Located just 30 minutes south of Columbus, 5 miles from the I71 interstate, our farm provides the perfect backdrop for a few hours of exploration and relaxation. 


Join Our Seasonal Planed Events 

Don’t want to plan an outing? Join one of our events for 2024 summer events. Beginning with “Red, White, and Bloom”. Join us for coffee walks, food tastings, flower hikes also new this year, our “Historical Flower Experience”. The Historical Flower Experience will take you through the history of daylily hybridizers, the, soil and how our business came to be! Make sure you stay up to date with all of our events on our website, FaceBook, and Instagram. 


Begin Planning with us 

Let us help you make your event a memorable one 

Becky 614-809-8538


New Home Landscaping

Reese Moehl – 1/10/2024

      Are you a new homeowner? If you are, congratulations! To make your house a little more personal add a new landscape. Daylilies are perfect for any landscape because they have a 20+ life span and easy to take care of. Daylilies grow perfect in flower beds. Daylilies also grow  excellent in raised beds. Don’t worry about bad soil, daylilies can grow in a wide variety of soil types. Whatever small or big plan you have for your landscape, daylilies can always be added.